Remember the Milk? No… Damn

A month or so ago, I signed up to remember the milk, with the main intention of sorting my life out. It promised everything, organisation, cool ness, interaction with my iPhone, but what it actually does is 50% of making my life better, and 50% worse. Before I used to just ‘do’ things without quantifying the scales of time. Why? Because it worked, when getting a deadline, I would plan, do, ‘get the fear’ and finish. However, with greater responsibilities, sort-of running a company, trying to make money, researching and life.  I decided I needed something to fix it. Hence remembertthemilk(.com) suggested by @chrisbunney. It helps and it doesn’t, I still remember all that I need to do, but put it online anyway. I feel it’s a bit like software engineering practice, pointless for HelloWorld, but necessary for something with a couple of classes, thoughts?

The other issue is self-control, which is something I am becoming acutely aware of. Before I could swan around Europe, taking penny flights (with Ryanair/Catapult) and still put in a good 1st in the dissertation/2.1 overall. This is fine, now I’m more responsible planning when finishing this blog to go the motorbike shop and buy a Haynes Manual and some cleaning gear. I now feel guilty when missing targets, as I set them, I am accountable to myself, this infuriates me when completing late, but also gives me an immense sense of pride when completing something before time. That is the problem with Remember the Milk, it’s good, but I think I need to buck up my ideas before using it further, otherwise I’ll just get sad.


Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

One thought on “Remember the Milk? No… Damn”

  1. Like most things in life, the more complicated they get the more infrastructure they require.

    For me, I have problems remembering everything I need to do and often things “fall through the cracks”, so RTM helps me catch everything.

    Check out @stujohnson’s post on how he uses RTM with Getting Things Done. I’ve given it a go and found it helps me organise stuff a bit better.

    Of course, this is all about finding what works best for you 😉

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