GTAIV: Where has all the fun gone?

As a child the most amount of fun you could have with a computer was Harrier Attack then, secondly, the GTA series. There was something that about running down a group of orange jump- suited people and having garganta flash up in bold letters that just tickled the part of your brain, in-between the iffy jokes – those not for the in-laws, or distant family members – and the hypothalamus. Then via London and some weird cultural future that my thirteen year old didn’t quite understand, we arrived at the pinnacle of computer game programming GTAIII.
GTAIII almost singlehandedly railed by GSCEs, and then most amazing was Vice City, GTAIII with a better soundtrack. Somehow carrying on the legacy of GTA with the insanity now carried out in full three-dimensional goodness. Break out the M16, jack a stallion from round the corner and all is good in the world.
GTAIV has now been out for more than a year, due to this thing called a degree and all the work that goes with it, I was unable to to play what I believed would provoke that bit in my brain that was wasting away with discrete mathematics muscling in onto new turf. Presented through a greyish brown lens, the handling is realistic in the cars, also crashing and having your lifeless torso go catapulting through the air and wrapping it round a lamppost is awesome, it grates after a while, especially as there isn’t a ‘put seatbelt on’ option.
It’s just too realistic, you taxi your brother around, have the option to browse the internet, watch TV, and call a cab. Calling a cab is now my preferred method of getting around as I can get there with my spleen intact, it’s just not what a game should be and back in my day things weren’t like that…

Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

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