Ryanair, How I Missed Thee…

I’ve been to Berlin once. At the time I was wanting to get something special from the Hard Rock café for what I thought was a very good friend. Long story short, I was travelling from Amsterdam to Munich with an Interrail ticket. Wanting to get gift, I thought a 5 hour train journey then a sleeper to Munich was the better idea, instead of the sleeper Amsterdam to Munich. Arriving at Berlin HBF with three hours to get the prezzie, I hopped on the S-Bahn to Zoologischer Garten found a Christmas Market then finally the Hard Rock café. Trinket acquired the journey back to the HBF was quick and painless, onto the NachtZug then to Munich.

3 Hours was the planned amount of time and 3 hours was what I got. As normal, I did want more though. Fast-forward to about a month ago and Ryanair were doing their “Flights for a penny” and managing to get East Midlands – Berlin for 2p was a bargain. Unfortunately their website was down, unwilling to spend the £80 at the airport for non-online checkin I spent the time in sunny Leicester, so what is Berlin actually like? I will find out in future, however I’m hoping it’s more than a christmas market, cheap sausages and crap cafés?

Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

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