Being Run Over By A Cadastral Boundary in Munich

Staggering off any metro/tube is going to get you noticed, especially at 10am in the morning. However way you word it, sex it up or communicate it at Implerstraße it still looks like another drunk English tourist. At this stage awake for about 28 hours with the caffiene shudder and depth perception being a slight issue – I guess this is what Gordon Brown has to deal with every day, poor bastard.

In Munich they have pavements but these aren’t like what pavements are like in England, these pavements have cycle lanes, what’s new about this I hear you cry. Well they’re unmarked, not a sausage showing that this although seemingly part of the pedestrian pavement. So as I was meandering my way down Implerstraße the ringing of bells were thumping in my ears. After being nearly run over by some wehrmacht helmeted, lycra-clad, lantern jawed germanic rudolf calling me an arschloch, which to be fair I though was harsh.


Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

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