Public Transport

Mutatus are the only form of public transportation in Kenya. Sure there are other ways to get around – hitchhiking on the lorries for one, but if you want banging tunes and disco lights, the mutatus are the only way to go!

Being a good friends birthday, the thought process of “What can we do?”/”Rent a Mutatu of course!”. Sadly it wasn’t my idea. The night started ostentatiously with the green painted school bus masquerading as a mutatu, rocking up at the apartment blaring out bass heavy rap music. Awesome.

The trip mooched to the Nakumatt after bribing a rozzer who decided that the music and the flashing lights would be a good way to fill his pocket. Grabbing a few tinnies the procession went to a brewery for some beer – Where else would you go?

The rabble surged to the Parliament building for a good photo session, photos taken – relief for some – then to watch Inter Milan at Westways, which isn’t what Nairobi, in my mind should look like. It is a tourist/expat haven with barely a splash of colour, drab and trying too hard in the midst of the colonial architecture of Nairobi centre. The football and company was good, but it’s definitely not the real deal. More a place where a greying tourist, looking for adventure , pays happily for beer twice the price due to the faux antlers signifying it’s safari connection and adventure credentials.

Finally off to the national theatre where karioke ensued. Unfortunately no Chris de Burgh “Lady in Red”…


Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

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