Mark Goes To Court

In February I was assaulted by a train guard, from Leicester to Melton Mowbray on the train. As the train was overcrowded people were standing throughout the carriages, I was standing in first class with about 16-20 other people.

The train guard came out of his box with an apprentice in tow, informing the unlucky passengers that we had to move down the carriage into the maelstrom of people already on the 1715 to Cambridge. It was a Saturday one train had already derailed having a considerable impact on the capacity of the train station, combined with the numerous drinking football supporters it was the perfect storm.

After swearing and snarling at a young teenager he turned his attention to me. He remonstrated, while I pointed out that there was no room and that we can’t do anything, he made a grab for my bag when I reached for it he stepped into my exposed side, knocking me off my feet.

The Crown Prosecution Service gave the impression that it is a slam dunk case, they have the witness accounts he was charged and offered a caution. Seemingly out of spite he refused it. Going to court the CPS prosecutor didn’t turn up and confidential information was unintentionally leaked to the defence.

Now the case has gone to review, to decide given these issues if a fair trial can be achieved. Not happy.

Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

2 thoughts on “Mark Goes To Court”

    1. It’s now gone to a closed court to argue a legal technicality. As the CPS didn’t provide a prosecution the court was powerless to proceed. As it’s closed the only people that are present are a sitting judge, defence and prosecution. As the prosecution didn’t turn up the in the first instance the likelihood of them doing so a second time is questionable, annoyingly.

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