Resilience In Signage

A Resilient Sign?
A Resilient Sign?


One of my PhD ‘themes’ is resilience. Quite how to define this I am unsure, however my working, albeit colloquial definition is; “Keeping stuff going when it’s all going horribly wrong”. This is a broad definition but its sentiment is clear, though within the current bounds it would be stupid to think I’m going to change the world completely, however changing it a bit is the name of the game.

My current research is based around the pervasive monuments research group in Horizon. My chunk involves using data accrued by citizens during the purges containing all a manner of information, dates, what happened, their own personal history etc mashing this up with augmented reality to provide a tool to explore this information using some sort of mobile device all assoiciating the data with a place, regardless of locale (for the moment).

The hobo code was used (and is still used) to provide a personal though inclusive means of hidden communication to those that can decode it. From this the question arises in what new methods of transmitting information within a physical environment with digital markers. There are D-Touch stickers; they can be manufactured using a portable sticker printer and can be decoded both by a mobile phone and by the mk.1 human eyeball. I think they’re great but as being stickers they can be easily removed and aren’t resilient to the prevailing elements.

QR (Quick Response) codes have been printed off and have been integrated into art and are also they are becoming ubiquitous in their nature with Waitrose now placing them into primetime Christmas TV advertising. The issue here is their ability to be decoded and left by humans, placing them on stickers aids in their dissemination but would be on stickers all the same.

As always more questions to be solved than answers, the biggie being how resilient can signs be?


Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

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