Disconnection Friendly UI

I’m always ‘ON’. I’m plugged into the Apple ecosystem in a big way, with an iPhone, iPad and Macbook, consuming Twitter, Flickr and FYVM at an alarming rate, not mentioning the emails, phone calls and SMS’ that are send on a hourly basis. Over a curry with a friend we were talking about the pervasiveness/ubiquity of mobile devices (surprisingly we are both doing ubiquitous computing PhDs) and ways of switching off.

Apparently for him the best way is to have a Blackberry, allegedly the interface is so awful that one wouldn’t want to use it for extended periods of time, so no twitter updates, foursquare checkins and poor web browsing. I wouldn’t mind this approach too much, however the blackberry doesn’t have ‘Cut The Rope’.


Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

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