Tandale One Month On

After an initial mapping phase in Tandale we went back. We were group composed of World Bank sector employees across ICT (my new employers), Education and Urban with students of Ardhi University, guided by the Tandale ward research officer. We started off going to Tandale Market.

The market in Tandale is very important for the economy of Dar Es Salaam, due to it being the only large scale transit point for fresh fruit, vegetables and grain/rice into Dar. The market has grown in the month since I was last there. A covered extension to one of the buildings has been installed, albeit in a very informal manner. A market place that was bursting out at the seams before is now starting to encroach, reclaiming drains and irrigation ditches.

After the market we met the Sokoni sub-ward officer on a follow up to the tour he gave me last month. Although the sub-ward was seeming preparing for a celebrity wedding with music and dancing he kindly gave us time for an interview. After this conversation developed to what needs to be mapped next. One of these themes would be private toilets, inside housing; the video above articulates this.

Finally we visited the open space in-between Sokoni and Mharitan, this space is used as a dumping area for solid waste, open deification and personal washing. Bar the public health and water issues (malaria, cholera and typhoid among many other potential diseases) children are playing freely on this land, through no other open space in which to play. The land is also being reclaimed through new housing developments. Something regarding solid waste collection needs to be implemented soon, before there is physically no more space in which to dump rubbish.

Written and submitted from the Hotel Kilimanjaro, Dar Es Salaam ( -6.8173, 39.2931)

Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

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