Community -> Hackathons -> Software Shipped -> Repeat?

Taarifa inception as hackathon project makes it special through it’s continued existence. From speaking to peers it seems that many hackathon projects are to create ideas not code. Fortunately we’ve stuck together, widened the community and now have members of the Taarifa community working on it for their dissertations, myself with my job within the World Bank deploying an instance of it to Uganda.

Within our own community we’ve got developers across the world working on little bug fixes and functionality. One member has taken on improving mobile UI upon himself and now the mobile web app looks brilliant on a mobile phone screen, decluttered from unnecessary components with things like inline labels ensuring things are ‘better’ on a phone. This is building upon a hackathon held at Shoreditch Design’s office where we shipped Taarifa 1.0.

With the forthcoming Uganda deployment (and potentially other applications) we have the opportunity to test and refine certain components. However building capacity in places where this is deployed is important. We hope by demonstrating Taarifa in developing innovation centres we can seed the ideas and principles of Taarifa (and by extension open source software) with them joining our growing community. This in turn would provide different perspectives on the requirements and ultimately filter down into software releases improving it.

The community is currently in the process of writing a Taarifa API consisting of entirely new code. We’ve just deployed a Q&A site on making it easier for users of Taarifa to ask questions and be a knowledge base for future users, avoiding the ‘goto github’ mentality which – in my opinion – should be for developers. Currently Nico and I are working on screencasts to give short introductions into installing and using the Taarifa system. Onwards!

Written and submitted from the Leicester, UK (52.6352614,-1.1378884)


Author: Mark Iliffe

Traveller, Programmer, Geospatialist and Motorcyclist

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