Tandale One Month On

After an initial mapping phase in Tandale we went back. We were group composed of World Bank sector employees across ICT (my new employers), Education and Urban with students of Ardhi University, guided by the Tandale ward research officer. We started off going to Tandale Market. The market in Tandale is very important for the … Continue reading “Tandale One Month On”

Understanding Landuse In Tandale

Towards the end of the mapping phase landuse was demarcated, the results are above. This isn’t representative of the official (the city council) view of landuse this represents landuse as it was observed on the ground. If people wish to download the shapefile it is here. As this is Open Street Map you can also … Continue reading “Understanding Landuse In Tandale”

Ramani Tandale 1.0

The Tandale mapping project has finished its first iteration. I am proud of the people of Tandale and the students of Ardhi University who tirelessly surveyed and edited until the end of the project. This post should have been posted two weeks ago, however due to unforeseen circumstances it wasn’t posted. Now the work turns … Continue reading “Ramani Tandale 1.0”

Ownership Of Community Reported Problems In Tandale

Within the project we have effectively split into two groups along the lines of students and community members. The students are effectively bug hunting, filling in missed tracks and POIs. The community members are focusing on the submission of data into the Ushahidi instance, http://tandale.ramanitanzania.org/ushahidi. Today was quite special in that the Sokoni sub-ward officer joined one … Continue reading “Ownership Of Community Reported Problems In Tandale”

Ramani Tandale: Work In Progress

Two weeks or so ago I posted about the impending Map Tandale project. In it I spoke about the broad aims of the project and the methodology. It was accompanied by an almost blank slate; the map below. This is compared with the map above taken on the 19th of August 2011. Quite a lot of progress … Continue reading “Ramani Tandale: Work In Progress”

Innovation In Tandale

During a recession theory states that entrepreneurship will increase due to the pressures of people loosing their jobs, due to the lack of employment will create their own and become self-sufficient. This in turn creates new jobs with entrepreneurs hiring people, this in turn generates wealth and tax income and takes the unemployed and puts … Continue reading “Innovation In Tandale”

Points And Areas Of Interest In Tandale

In Tandale producing a street map (streets, paths and points of interest) isn’t enough. Enriching the dataset and publishing allows for extra dimensions to be added to the environment. From the community forum and interaction with the holistic community we have identified the following themes to be mapped… Health (Medical facilities; both formal and informal … Continue reading “Points And Areas Of Interest In Tandale”

Starting To Map Tandale

For those that don’t know already I know I’ve just taken a position as a project manager in Dar Es Salaam to map the Tandale slum in Tanzania. The project is being funded by the World Bank and Twaweza and managed by GroundTruth. Fortunately the good people at Horizon’s Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Nottingham (where … Continue reading “Starting To Map Tandale”

Moving On, So Long, Farewell and Hello!

The past three months have bought about a massive change, both personally and professionally. I’ve moved to New York, to take up a post within the United Nations’ Committee of Experts for Global Geospatial Information Management or UN-GGIM for short. Acronyms aside, it’s been a hard, but fun change with much challenging work ahead! In moving … Continue reading “Moving On, So Long, Farewell and Hello!”

OSM: Going Back in Time

I’ve been playing around with the full planet file to look at going back in time in OSM. Mainly, this is to look at how Ramani Huria’s data has evolved over time and is all part of extracting more value from Ramani Huria’s data.