FOSS4G 2018: Dar es Salaam

This will be a different FOSS4G. As the first in a developing country, our vision is for an accessible and inclusive FOSS4G, a FOSS4G for All.

In 2013 I was fortunate to be on the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of OSGEO’s Free and Open Source For Geospatial Annual Conference – aka FOSS4G. Each year, the location of FOSS4G is decided on the basis of Europe, North America and “Rest of the World”.

As Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is in the “Rest of the World”, when the call for proposals was released, myself and a small group of co-conspirators figured that we’d submit a letter of intent for Dar to be the host city. Ultimately, Dar es Salaam was selected by the OSGeo Board to be host city for 2018, co-chaired by myself and Msilikale Msilanga.

This will be a different FOSS4G. As the first in a developing country, our vision is for an accessible and inclusive FOSS4G, a FOSS4G for All. 

In aligning FOSS4G 2018 within the Sustainable Development Agenda, we aim to complement the existing OSGeo stable while empowering the Open Data, Participatory Mapping and Internet of Things work currently underway within Tanzania, the region and worldwide. This will expand the scope of the conference from traditional geography and location tech, to applications, use and best practices of our tools.

Location and geography are at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals: FOSS4G 2018 in Dar es Salaam would invigorate our existing projects, bringing them to new users and developers while supporting and nurturing the existing OSGeo community.

The clock has started for the LOC to organise the conference and the press release from OSGeo is out! It’s going to be a few months till FOSS4G 2017 in Boston till Msilikale, our LOC and I will pick up the keys to the FOSS4G car. In the meantime the Dar LOC will assemble and start laying the groundwork for 2018. It’s going to be a long and rewarding road ahead!

FOSS4G Workshops and Hackathon Hangouts

Kate Chapman and I initiated the first community feedback session, timed for the Asia timezones. However, we had participants from across the timezones.

  • Wanted: Cartography in OSGEO in consensus for a workshop, potentially using D3.js and CartoDB
  • Wanted: “The best way of deploying MBTiles”
  • Wanted: Food security and running a data driven election campaign

Issues with equipment and bandwidth this meant a true conversation was, IMO, hard to get started in a forum. We switched to text soon after it was started. However, the feedback was valuable to further scope what the community-at-large would like to see at FOSS4G in 2013.

Do you want to get involved and present? Contact us, join the next hangout session or submit a workshop.

Written and submitted from Taman Rasuna Complex, Jakarta, Indonesia (6.219665,106.837202)

Workshops and code sprints are an integral part of the FOSS4G conference. It’s an opportunity for those with awesome projects from a community, technological or novelty perspective to showcase exemplar projects and demonstrate the cutting edge of geo.

Our theme is “Geo For All”. Accordingly there are many opportunities and ways to develop the workshops and code sprints. March 4th is the deadline for workshops submission. Over the next month we will be holding Google Hangouts, not just in GMT but for those in other timezones, from the west and east of the Americas to the Far East and Africa. We are actively seeking participation from all members of the OSGeo community; old hands as well as new ones. This is an opportunity to contribute and shape the type of workshops and code sprints that, you, the OSGeo community would like to see at this year’s FOSS4G in Nottingham.

We’d also like to hold a hackathon, building along the lines previous hackathons like RHoK, Sanitation Hackathon and Angel Hack, to support truly open source geospatial projects.

What we’ll need;

  • Facilitators
  • Problem Statements
  • Designers
  • Programmers
  • Data
  • You!

Europe and Africa: To Be Confirmed W/C 18th of February GMT | EAT |
Asia: WIB: Thursday 14th of February: WIB: 1300 | CST: 1400 | JST: 1500 with Mark Iliffe and Kate Chapman 
The Americas: Wednesday 20th February GMT: 20:00 | EST: 15:00 | PST: 12:00 with Matt Walker and Jo Cook

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Written and submitted from (22.287759,114.147477) Queens Terrace Tower 2, Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China.

FOSS4G: Reach For Greatness

Moar Geo Fun!

Geo is coming home. My home anyway, Nottingham. The Global Geo Conference FOSS4G, is now FOSS4G Nottingham 2013. We as the organising committee wish to make this the best year for geo. We want moar geoness than any other previous conference, raising the bar for conferences to come. We’re standing on the shoulders of excellent conferences at Denver, Sydney, Barcelona, Cape Town among others.

A small cabal within the LOC is charged with fixing the workshops and the hackathons. We’re not going to do it small. We’re not planning a hackathon in a small room with a dodgy urn of coffee. This is going to be better and better. We’re going to reach for greatness. 2013 will be the year for geo. Are you ready?

Written and submitted on the train between Nottingham and London St. Pancras Station (52.30467,-0.67508)