Beginning Routing with Dijkstra

ROSM – Routing with Open Street Map, at the moment the project is in a high gear, though is being brought together. For example routing across the different nodes is done by the algorithm by Dijstkra with a scope for A* and possibly D* (dependent on it’s implementation requirements)An XML Parser is inherent to the source, though needs to be integrated and changed to select relationships, not nodes. A UML Class diagram of the system is also included in the SVN repository.The system uses the JGrapht java graph library to model and simulate the graph, and on this we abstract the map from OSM data. What is handy about this approach, if it enables us to use a well defined (and open source) graphing solution.

The output from routing from the Montreal Place to Southampton Street

“The route from Montreal Place to Southampton Street is as follows…

[(Montreal Place : Strand), (Strand : Wellington Street), (Wellington Street : Tavistock Street), (Tavistock Street : Southampton Street)]

The routing algorithm is ‘Dijksta’s Algorithm’ and the next step will be to integrate my XML parser into selecting the ways and their intersections…

This is the junction at the Strand…

Routing from Montreal Place to Southampton Street
Routing from Montreal Place to Southampton Street